A New Year’s Update from Swedish Car Clinic

2019 was a busy year here in the workshop at The Swedish Car Clinic.

Earlier in the year we acquired a vehicle trailer and then after some umming and ahhing, we eventually settled on a Ford Ranger to tow said trailer. Being able to recover and transport vehicles in-house not only saves customers money, but also gives them peace of mind knowing that their car is in safe hands with someone they trust.

Designs have been finalised for our new office and customer lounge after relocating and enlarging our parts and store room in 2018. We hope to finish the refurbishment this year.

Speaking of 2020, we’re also planning to expand our used car sales in the coming months. For many years, we’ve taken familiar cars from customers who have upgrade and found them loving new owners. Now with our knowledge of common issues with Volvo, Saab, VAG and other marques, combined with our previous experience of trading, we’re confident we’ll be able to pick only the best vehicles to suit anyone’s budget.

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